Happy Faces

A comprehensive series for holistic learning

Happy Faces promotes holistic development of the children by providing rich, exciting, engaging and immersive tasks for them, enabling them to become effective learners. Happy Faces is a comprehensive series that includes English, Mathematics, Science and Handwriting.

Happy Faces comes in three levels:

  • • Part A
  • • Part B
  • • Part C

Course components:

  • Books
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Board Games
  • Puppets
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Flashcards
  • Picture Reading Cards
  • Digital Learning Content
  • Animations of stories, rhymes and various concepts
  • Activities for concepts

STEAM Learning

This curriculum supports STEAM learning as children are provided ample opportunities to explore, observe, express, experiment, play and try new things. Inclusion of STEAM helps to prepare children with the skills essential to succeed in the 21st century.

Teacher's Kit

The teacher's kit facilitates learning in a playful manner. The contents of the kit contribute to skill development such as enhancing eye-hand co ordination and motor skills. It also makes classroom learning enjoyable through hands-on approach.

Teacher's Manual

Teacher's Manual is a comprehensive resource for classroom teaching for preprimary grades that includes:

  • Project Work: Suggestions have been given for project work and viva, based on it.
  • Step-wise teaching and learning process for all subjects and concepts
  • Learning outcomes
  • Material required
  • Activities for hands-on experience for introduction, concept building and assessment
It is a resource that will enrich your classroom teaching and create an engaging experience for long-lasting learning.

21st Century Skills

4 stages of learning:

  • Exploration through sensorial experience: Children explore, play, observe and try new things through a variety of experiences
  • Inquiry: Children share their observations, ask questions and respond to the questions asked by the teacher
  • Establish connections: Children establish and build an understanding related to the concept by doing some tasks
  • Apply and Practice: Children practice and apply their learning in different forms

Picture reading helps develop observation, comparison and imagination.

Colouring involves tripod grip and helps develop fine motor skills.

Observing colours helps in identification and naming of colours.

Revision tasks help in practising already learned concepts.